1980-81 Topps

1980-81 Topps Ray Bourque RCOne of the more bizarre sets Topps has produced, the 1980-81 set was identical in design to the O-Pee-Chee equivalent, except they used some black scratch-off material to hide the players’ names. On the wrappers, they called this a “rub-off quiz.” Since kids would want to know which player was pictured on the card, it is relatively tough to find cards with the pucks in unscratched condition. I have all the Bruins in unscratched condition, along with all the Gretzky cards from that year, and finally an independently complete 264-card set. The O-Pee-Chee set has 5 additional Bruins players, including the Brad McCrimmon rookie, but of course the key rookies of this year were Bourque and Messier. Sadly, the Messier rookie is only in the O-Pee-Chee set.

    Status: Complete (17/17).

  • 2 Ray Bourque Record Breaker
  • 6 Jean Ratelle
  • 22 Jim Craig RC
  • 36 Dick Redmond
  • 56 Terry O’Reilly
  • 74 Brad Park
  • 94 Team Leader / Checklist
  • 110 Rogie Vachon
  • 113 Stan Jonathan
  • 129 Al Secord RC
  • 140 Ray Bourque RC
  • 167 League Leader (Peter McNab)
  • 168 League Leader (Gerry Cheevers)
  • 191 Mike Milbury
  • 220 Peter McNab
  • 236 Bob Miller
  • 251 Rick Middleton