1966-67 Topps

1966-67 Topps #35 Bobby Orr RC
This one is really mine.

This team set turned out to be one of the easier team sets to complete, as unlike the Topps USA Test counterpart, there seems to be plenty of supply in the market.

I have the Orr RC. Quite easily the cornerstone of my collection. It is graded as authentic by KSA, but no numeric grade. I tried to get it re-graded by PSA, but they rejected it due to “evidence of recoloring.” Without that, this would easily grade a 6 or 7, even with the slightly imperfect centering and soft lower right corner. I have spent time poring over every square millimeter of this card with a magnifying glass, and I don’t see any signs it has been retouched (but admittedly, their equipment is a little more capable than mine).

    Complete (19/19).

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